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What is Carnot cycle Class 11?

Cycle of processes in a Carnot engine Engine absorbs heat Q1 at temperature T1. An adiabatic process takes place inside the engine because of which there is increase in the temperature of the engine from T1 to T2 but no flow of heat. As system is releasing heat so it is isothermal contraction. Click to…
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How long does it take a portable AC unit to cool a room?

In short, if you have interconnecting rooms that are connected by a door and have no space in between, your portable AC could cool both of the rooms. Your unit should be powerful enough for equivalent area of rooms in this scenario. However, this is not so effective and efficient way of cooling. Click to…
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Does ice absorb heat from air?

During freezing, the temperature of a substance remains constant while the particles in the liquid form a crystalline solid. Because particles in a liquid have more energy than particles in a solid, energy is released during freezing. This energy is released into the surroundings. Click to see full answer Does a ice cube radiate heat?…
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What causes internal heat in the body?

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Does natural gas heat dry the air?

The answer is that running a gas furnace can lead to lower humidity inside a house. The furnace's burners don't dry out the air, however. Click to see full answer Is gas heat dry or moist? Yes, the combustion process produces a lot of water vapor, but that water vapor doesn't get into the house.…
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Does pressure increase or decrease in a compressor?

Because the volume has decreased, the particles will collide more frequently with the walls of the container. Each time they collide with the walls they exert a force on them. More collisions mean more force, so the pressure will increase. When the volume decreases, the pressure increases. Click to see full answer What causes compressor…
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Why does ice absorb more heat than water?

When ice is placed in a glass of water whose molecules are moving at a greater rate, the ice begins to absorb energy, because heat always travels from regions of relative warmth to colder areas in order to equalize temperatures. In other words, ice absorbs heat from the water. Click to see full answer Why…
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What 20 quart cooler holds ice the longest?

80 hours 55 Minutes The Yeti Tundra 50 lost all ice just after sunset on day 3. It held ice for 80 hours 55 minutes (3 days 8 hours 55 minutes). The water temperature inside the cooler was 37deg. The Orca and Pelican coolers still had some ice left floating around on top. Click to…
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How long does it take for an overheated car to cool down?

Put your car in neutral or park and then rev the engine. This makes the fan and the water pump work faster, which pulls more air and more water through your car's radiator. This increased circulation cools down the engine. Pull over and open the hood. Click to see full answer Should I let my…
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How long does it take for an overheated engine to cool down?

Driving your car when it's overheating can cause serious – and sometimes permanent – damage to your engine, so it's best to stop driving as soon as possible. Pull over and away from oncoming traffic, then turn off the engine. Click to see full answer How long does it take for an overheated engine to…
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