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What kind of fridge can go in the garage?

Most refrigerators stop working at some point during the winter months in an unheated garage, depending on climate and how well the garage is insulated. Most manufacturers do not recommend placing a refrigerator in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Click to see full answer Do you need a special refrigerator for a garage? To prevent…
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What are the types of refrigeration system?

Older refrigerants have been phased out due to their environmental impact and replaced by cleaner options. The most common refrigerant is R-134A (or HFC-134a) however newer vehicles may use R-1234YF (or HFO-1234yf). Even still, some very old vehicles may also be using R-12 (or Freon). Click to see full answer What are the different types…
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What are the 4 cycles of refrigeration?

Principles of Refrigeration For this reason, all air conditioners use the same cycle of compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation in a closed circuit. The same refrigerant is used to move the heat from one area, to cool this area, and to expel this heat in another area. Click to see full answer What are the…
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What is refrigerator process?

A refrigeration cycle has four major components: the compressor, condenser, expansion device, and evaporator. Refrigerant remains piped between these four components in the refrigerant loop. Click to see full answer What are the four process takes place in refrigeration? The Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle involves four components: compressor, condenser, expansion valve/throttle valve and evaporator. It…
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What do you mean by refrigeration and unit of refrigeration?

The unit of refrigeration is expressed in terms of ton of refrigeration (TR). One ton of refrigeration is defined as the amount of refrigeration effect (heat transfer rate) produced during uniform melting of one ton (1000kg) of ice at 0°C to the water at the 0°C in 24 hours. Click to see full answer What…
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You should get a garage ready freezer if you want an extra place to store frozen food without worrying about fluctuating temperatures. The common industry range for garage ready freezers is 0-110°F, meaning that it can handle the varying temperatures typically found in a garage without malfunctioning. Click to see full answer Whats the difference…
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