How was food kept cold before fridges?

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How was food kept cold before fridges?

Natural sources like streams and caves were also a great cooling option, with the deeper the cave in the earth, the cooler the air would be. As times changed, however, and hunting for food became less common, people had to start finding ways to keep food fresh.

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How was food preserved in the 1800s?

Each method drew moisture out of foods to prevent spoiling. Fruits and vegetables could be dried by being placed out in the sun or close to a heat source. Smoking and salting were the three main methods of curing (the process of preserving food) during this time.

What did they use before fridges?

Before the development of safely powered refrigeration devices, iceboxes were commonly used kitchen appliances in the early twentieth century; prior to the development of electric refrigerators, the public referred to them as refrigerators. Iceboxes, also known as cold closets, are small, non-mechanical refrigerators.
How was ice stored before refrigeration?
Prior to the invention of the refrigerator, ice houses, also known as icehouses, were frequently used to store ice year-round. Some were underground chambers, usually man-made, near sources of winter ice such as freshwater lakes, but many were buildings with various types of insulation.

Networks of ice wagons were typically used to distribute the product to the final domestic and smaller commercial customers. Ice was cut from the surface of ponds and streams, then stored in ice houses, before being sent on by ship, barge, or railroad to its final destination around the world.
How did the pioneers preserve food?
The majority of early settlers used a smokehouse, hanging hams and other large pieces of meat for several weeks in a small building to cure. The process started around November, and the meat would keep all winter and most of the summer.
How was cheese stored before refrigeration?
These sturdy, long-lasting storage containers could even be buried underground to protect them from spoilage in hot climates, thereby extending their shelf life. Pots could be used to store and preserve cheeses, either by packing small wheels in salt or submerging them in a salty brine.
How was milk stored before refrigerators?
Before refrigeration, it was a long-standing Russian custom to put a frog into a bucket of milk to prevent spoilage; in modern times, many thought this was nothing more than an old wives tale.
How do you store food without a refrigerator?
You can buy a food dehydrator, use a low-temperature oven, or dry it in the sun. Smoking is one of the best ways to preserve meat and fish. Drying is effective for food storage because it removes all water and can be stored safely for a long period of time.


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