How do you dispose of a freezer with rotten meat?

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How do you dispose of a freezer with rotten meat?

Throw Away ASAP – As soon as you put meat and its packaging in the trash, tie up the bag and take it outside because leaving it inside can cause the meat to spoil and fill your home with odors. Place the bag inside your outdoor trash can and make sure the lid is tightly closed.

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How do you throw away meat?

Keep It Together – To minimize handling and lower the risk of spreading harmful bacteria, throw away raw meat in its packaging. Throw Away ASAP – As soon as youve put the meat and its packaging in the garbage, tie up the garbage bag and take it outside.

How do you get rid of rotten food?

To ensure that the juices dont leak out and all the dangerous bacteria are contained, transfer all the rotten meat to a garbage bag and then place it inside of another garbage bag. If this makes you queasy, try keeping a fan nearby to blow away the smell or take breaks between bites to get some fresh air.
What do you do with old meat in the freezer?
Another option is to use the freezer burned portions in stock or broth. however, it is easiest to slice off the freezer burned portion and feed it to the dog or cat since they are usually less picky than you are.

If any of them dont solidify, pour them into a bottle that can be sealed and is hopefully not recyclable, then dispose of the entire container with your regular trash.

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